Bay of Quinte Men's Soccer Association Outdoor Soccer Rules and Regulations


Rule 1 - Membership and Team Representation

1.1                In order to remain in good standing, active members must comply with the Constitution of the Bay of Quinte Men's Soccer League (hereafter called the League) and the published rules (constitution, policies, and procedures) of the SOSA and OSA.

1.2                Remit all outstanding monies to the BQMSL when due.

1.3                Each team shall designate two (2) Team Representative and list their names on the team application form, which shall be submitted to the BQMSL Executive (hereafter called the Executive) no later than seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Notice of change of Team Representatives shall be submitted for approval to the BQMSL Executive. All decisions regarding suspensions, protests, appeals, and dates, times, and locations of hearings will be communicated through Team Representatives.

1.4                The Team Representative shall collect and pay a performance bond of $300 to the Executive and act in the capacity of bond holder. This performance bond shall be used to pay any outstanding fines, fees or penalties assessed to a team.

1.5                If a bondholder does not wish to enter a team in the next calendar year outdoor session, the bond must be redeemed and refunded to the team. The BQMS L Executive must be informed in writing of the bondholder's intentions not to enter a team two months prior to the beginning of the outdoor season.


Rule 2 - Administration of Divisions

2.1                All teams may obtain registration forms from the Registrar/match secretary on payment of the team performance bond.

2.2                The Executive shall have the authority to create additional divisions at its discretion in order to help maintain a competitive balance between teams and to ensure proper scheduling.

2.3                A new team entering the League shall be placed in the lowest division.

2.4                A new or current team cannot be formed by signing more than three (3) players from an already existing or previously registered team in the BQMSL. The intention of this rule is to prevent teams from disbanding and re-registering in the same division (thereby avoiding their possible relegation, fines or promotion to another division), and also weakening the previous teams of players.

2.5                Any team which wins a Division shall be promoted to the next higher division for the following soccer season.

2.6                Any team finishing at the bottom of its Division shall be demoted to the next lower division for the following soccer season. A minimum of seven (7) players from the relegated team must move with that relegated team.

2.7                The Executive will have the authority to designate all team movement between divisions.

2.8                If the above team of seven players cannot be met for whatever reason, the BQMSL Executive will have the authority to deal with the situation on a case-by-case basis.

2.9                A new team entering the league must register a minimum of 11 players that did not register the previous season in the Bay of Quinte Mens Soccer League.

2.10            The Executive shall maintain the power to adjust the divisions for the betterment of the League.


Rule 3 - Player Registration


3.1                The BQMSL shall administer player registration and transfer in conjunction with the published rules of the OSA.

3.2                All player registration Shall be conducted online using the BQMSL website. In the event of website failure, the BQMSL registraion will revert to paper registration where all registration forms will only be obtained from the league Registrar by the Team appointed representative.

3.3                All teams shall register no more than twenty five (25) players for a specific soccer season.

3.4                A special provision will allow 8 Wing Trenton to register additional player, owing to their deployment schedule. However, the total number of players on the team at any one time shall not exceed 25. No player from 8 Wing Trenton may register after July 15 of the current soccer season. The Executive may add an additional fee for this allowance

3.5                A player must be 17 years of age or older to be eligible to play in the League.

3.6                There shall be no transfer of players between teams after July 31 of the current soccer season.

3.7                No player may register after July 15 of the current soccer season.

3.8                Players can only be registered to play for one (1) competitive and two (2) recreational (one being Old Timer) teams in OSA approved leagues for the outdoor season.

3.9                The Executive shall be able to question the eligibility of a player, and retain the right to address the player and/or the team which he belongs. The player and team must provide evidence that the player is eligible to take part in League competition to the satisfaction of the Executive.

3.10             Where a player approaches the League directly (instead of through a team) the League shall provide the player with a list of Clubs and Coaches.

3.11             Any player who was last registered in another country requires an international transfer before being eligible to register in the League.

3.12            Teams may not register a player currently under suspension from another outdoor league.

3.13            Any player who was last registered as a non-amateur or professional player requires a re-instatement to amateur status from the OSA and/or the CSA in order to be eligible to register in the League.

3.14            It is the team's responsibility to ensure that each of its players complies with the above rules

3.15            Players will be issued a passbook from the League. A player may use only one passbook at any given time; any additional books must be submitted to the League for nullification prior to the validation of the player's intended passbook.

3.16            Please refer to the BQMSL Constitution Article Section 4.2.7


Rule 4 - Player Transfer

4.1                A registered player wishing to transfer to another team shall make application on a form supplied by the League through the Registrar/Match secretary.

4.2               Registered players must give seven (7) days' notice of his intention to transfer to his team in writing. A Team Representative may waive this notice period and permit the transfer to take place more quickly.

4.3                A registered player shall not be allowed to transfer without the consent of the team with which he is registered. After a seven day period the player and or the team can appeal to the Executive to help resolve any dispute. Such consent shall be given in writing, signed by the Team Representative. The transfer shall become official when the consent and new registration forms have been received by the Registrar/Match Secretary

4.4                A player is entitled to two (2) transfers during the current seasons. Once transferred, a player cannot be transferred back to the original team for a period of 30 days.

4.5                A transfer fee, as set out in the Schedule of Fees and Fines, must be paid for the League to complete a transfer.

4.6                Any team which attempts to induce a registered player to leave his team before the end of the current season shall have committed an offence against published rules or regulations.


Rule 5 Player Ineligibility

5.1                If a team plays an ineligible player, the team will forfeit any points earned in games played by the ineligible player. The opposing team will be designated the winner by a 3 to 0 score and receive three (3) points. Ineligible players and team officials who play them may be subject to discipline as per OSA Policy 9.0 Discipline.

5.2                An ineligible player shall be defined as follows:

a.           player who does not have a valid Player Book for the game in which he plays,

b.           an unregistered player,

c.            a suspended player, or

d.            a player playing under an assumed name in any division.


Rule 6 - Discipline


6.1               Players, Teams and Team Officials reported for breach of the laws of the game and other published rules and regulations shall be dealt with by the Executive through the Disciplinary Committee under authority of and in accordance with OSA Policy 9.0 Discipline. A copy of which will be forwarded to all Team Representative.

6.2               The Disciplinary Committee will review game and referee reports and lay charges accordingly.

6.3               The League shall retain the right to exercise Discipline by Review (DBR) and Discipline by Hearing (DBH) as stated in OSA Policy 9.0 Discipline.

6.4               All players that receive a red card will be eligible to play until the Discipline committee sits and conducts Discipline by Review (DBR) for the offence. The player may return when his suspension is up and the administration fee has been paid. 

6.5               Additional sanctions may be imposed after the Discipline by Review Committee has had the opportunity to review the Game report.

6.6               A player who has served the minimum applicable suspension for receiving a dismissal shall be allowed to continue to play until the Discipline by Review is completed and the team’s player representative has been contacted.

6.7                Any player that receives two (2) red cards, and or six (6) yellow cards, during a season, shall attend a meeting before the League Executive before he is allowed to play again.

6.8                The League shall retain the right to refer any disciplinary matter to the SOSA.

6.9                Any players or team officials who are presently suspended shall not be allowed to be in the team's bench area.

6.10            The League retains the right to convene Discipline by Hearing (DBH) to deal with any offence against other published rules and regulations, including those stated here.

6.11            It is the team's responsibility to enforce suspensions.

6.12            Any suspension not completed by the end of the season shall carry over to the next outdoor season.

6.13            If the wrong player is identified on the game sheet by the game officials for a caution or a dismissal, the affected team shall have 24 hours to inform the BQMSL Statistician of the error. If the error is not reported within 24 hours, the identity of the disciplined player shall be assumed to be correct; the onus is on the team to prove the correct identity of the player.

6.14            Discipline dates may be posted on the BQMSL web site and may be distributed to all Team Representatives prior to the season.

6.15             If a player plays in multiple divisions and is suspended in one division he is only suspended in that division.

6.16             A new Fine Structure for repeat offenders as decided by the Executive and Special Discipline Committee can be seen under Rule 10.17.



Rule 7 - Protests

7.1               All protest and matters of Dispute under the jurisdiction of the League shall be handled by the Executive in accordance with OSA Policy 11.0 Protests.

7.2                All protests shall be lodged and submitted in writing (email, registered mail, or recognized courier service) to the BQMSL Secretary (if the Secretary has advised that he/she will not be available, any available Executive member may be used as an alternate) no more than two (2) business days following the game concerned. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered business days. The BQMSL Secretary's email address is available on the BQMSL website.

7.3                The Executive Secretary will forward the protest to the individual or organization against which the protest is directed. The person receiving it should acknowledge receipt. Proof of delivery should accompany the original protest.

7.4                Every protest involving an individual shall be made by the individual and shall be accompanied by a protest fee of One hundred dollars ($100.00) by cheque or money order to be made out to the BQMSL.

7.5                Every protest involving a team shall be made by a member of the team's executive and shall be accompanied by a protest fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) by cheque or money order to be made out to the BQMSL.

7.6                Any protest not submitted in accordance with these regulations shall be ruled out of order and shall not be heard.

7.7                Protests shall be heard within three (3) weeks of their receipt by the Executive.

7.8                In the event the protest is upheld, the protest fee shall be refunded; In the event the protest is denied, the protest fee shall be forfeited.

7.9               Any party involved in a protest submitted to the BQMS L who is not satisfied with the decision may appeal to the OSA.

7.10            Protests made as a result of playing ineligible players can be brought to the attention of the Executive at any time during the season.

7.11            For Cup Tournaments where the protest will impact subsequent games, the protest must be delivered at the first available opportunity and sufficiently in advance of any subsequent games that might be affected by it. The League reserves the right to refuse to consider a protest if it is not delivered at the first available opportunity and/or not sufficiently in advance of any subsequent games that might be affected by it.

7.12            No referee's decision may be protested.


Rule 8 - Appeal


8.1                Appeals can be made in accordance with OSA Policy 10.0 Appeals.

8.2               Appeals of decisions by the League shall be submitted in writing (by registered mail or recognized service) to the SOSA.

8.3               The letter of appeal must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, as outlined by SOSA.

8.4               Every appeal of a decision involving an individual must be made by that individual, and accompanied by the proper appeal fee.

8.5                Every appeal of a decision involving a team must be made by a member of that teams executive, and accompanied by the proper appeal fee

8.6                The letter of appeal must specify the rational for appealing

8.7                Any suspension shall remain in effect until the hearing is held.

8.8                When an appeal is upheld, the appeal fee shall be refunded in part or in accordance with the decision.


Rule 9 - General Rules of the League


9.1                All teams must appear on the field in their registered team colors. Where the uniform colors of competing teams are similar, the away team shall use uniforms (i.e. shirts) of an alternate color. Each team shall register its playing colors when applying for membership each year. New teams are not permitted to register playing colors that are similar to any existing team unless they are registering an alternate color as well. All teams must make every effort to play in non-conflicting colors of their opponents

9.2                All players of the same team must wear shirts of the same color and shorts of the same color.

9.3               Goalkeepers must wear colors which, in the opinion of the referee, plainly distinguish them from the other players and from the game officials.

9.4               All players other than the goalkeeper shall wear uniquely Arabic numbered shirts. These numbers shall be clearly visible and distinguishable.

9.5                Each team and its officials are responsible for the conduct of their players and are required to take any precautions necessary to prevent their players and team officials from threatening or assaulting game officials before, during, or at the conclusion of a game. Teams will be responsible for all fines and administration fees levied by League, SOSA, OSA, or CSA.

9.6                Every effort shall be taken to play all games as scheduled.

9.7                No scheduled game shall be postponed by either of the two (2) teams scheduled to play unless the Executive has given written permission. Application for postponement must be made in writing to the Executive seven (7) days prior to date scheduled for the game. The team requesting a change in the scheduling of a game shall obtain agreement in writing from their opponent and this agreement shall be forwarded with the application for postponement. The re-scheduled game must be played within twenty-one (21) days of the originally scheduled date; the proposed new date must be agreed upon by both teams and shall be submitted with the application for postponement to the Executive.

9.8                Each team shall be responsible for providing two (2) corner flags prior to the start of the game.

9.9               The home team shall also provide a properly inflated game ball subject to approval by the referee.

9.10            Fifteen (15) minutes grace time shall be allowed from the scheduled kick-off time of the game to permit both teams to field the minimum number of seven (7) players. The game shall commence when both teams have the mandatory minimum number.

9.11            A game shall be declared forfeited if a team cannot field the mandatory minimum number of players after the grace period and the game shall be awarded by a 3 to 0 score to the opponent. The offending team will face disciplinary action and be fined.

9.12             If neither team can field the mandatory minimum number of players, the game shall be declared a double default, marked as a 0-0 loss for each team, and neither team shall receive any points. Both teams will face disciplinary action and be fined.

9.13            Substitutions are unlimited and may be made at the discretion of the referee:

a.              after a goal is scored,

b.             at half-time,

c.              at the award of a goal kick.

d.             To replace an injured player.

e.             In a Masters League game only, on a team’s own throw in.

9.14            Substitutions shall take place on the halfway line, and players must leave the field before the substitutes enter. A team may change its goalkeeper with any player already on the field at any stoppage in play provided permission is received from the referee.

9.15            In all BQMSL games (League, Tournament or Cup), three (3) points shall be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss. Division placements shall be determined by the following protocol, regardless of the number of teams that may have the same number of accumulated points:

a.              The team with the highest number of accumulated points;

b.             Head to head records between the tied teams if only two teams are tied;

c.              Team with highest goal differential for all games played within the specific competition;

d.             Team with least goals against scored during all games played within the specific competition;

e.             A coin toss (or coin tosses, depending on how many teams are tied). When more than two teams are tied on points, if one team emerges the winner before the coin toss stage, the process begins again from the start for the remaining teams.

9.16            Should any team drop out or be suspended from the League before the completion of the season, all of their games played will be declared null and void and removed from the League standing.

9.17            Referees and Referees Assistants appointed to games under the jurisdiction of the referee assigner shall be selected from the Official List of Referees published by the OSA.

9.18            Only team officials and substitute players shall be confined to the technical area. If there are no benches, the area shall be situated twenty (20) yards on each side of the halfway line of the playing field. These areas, where possible, shall be located on the same side of the field for both teams.

9.19            Team officials (manager, coach, or trainer) listed on team sheets are subject OSA Discipline Policy 9.0 and are required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner so as not to bring the game into disrepute.

9.20            Each team must bring three game sheets for every game. The team's game sheets must be printed from the BQMSL website and contain the first and last name (neither initials nor signatures) and number of each player eligible to take part in the game. Only the players whose names appear on the game sheet may take part in the game. The three game sheets shall be given to the referee prior to the start of the game. No players may be added to the game sheet after the second half of play begins. All players must be accounted for in every game. If a player is suspended, this must be marked as such on the game sheet. Failure to mark a suspended player listed on the game sheet as "suspended" will deem that the player played as a suspended player.

9.21            There may be up to three (3) team officials recorded on the game sheet, and all team officials present must be listed. At the end of the game each team's representative will be given a copy of both teams game sheet and a team official must acknowledge the score and any disciplines given to their players. No challenges to the score, goal scorers, or cards will be allowed after this time.

9.22         A player whose name appears on a game sheet for a game will be considered to have participated in that game even if it was not played (i.e. a default by the either team) unless they are marked as suspended or a line is drawn through their name.

9.22(a)   No handwriting will be permitted on the game sheets with the exception of player’s numbers or if a line was accidentally placed through a listed player name.

9.22(b)   In the event that a handwritten game sheet is submitted, the opposing team must be notified prior to the start of the game and the team submitting the game sheet will be fined in accordance with 10.4.

9.23            Both teams must report the game result, all scorers, and all cards from each game within 48hrs of game completion. Reporting must be done via the BQMSL website. If a game is cancelled or abandoned for a reason such as inclement weather, damaged fields, or fields closed by the City, both teams must report the cancellation in the same manner.

9.24            Should a game be abandoned by the referee for any reason prior to its minimum completion time, the Executive has the right to determine whether the game shall be replayed and under what conditions.

9.25             A league game, to be considered official, shall consist of a minimum of seventy (70) minutes of playing time and consist of two (2) equal halves if weather conditions permit. Should any game not be completed (abandoned by the referee) for an occurrence of any type of misconduct, such as spectator problems, fights, assaults, or a team leaving the field of play without the permission of the referee, the team shall be fined in accordance with OSA Policy 9.0 Discipline.

9.26            All BQMSL trophies presented annually shall remain the property of the BQMSL unless the team representative is notified otherwise in writing by the Executive. These trophies shall be returned to the Executive before July 15th of each year and must be in the same condition as when they were received. The League shall repair damaged trophies at the expense of the team responsible for the damage. The expenses must be paid prior to August 1 st of that year. Failure to do so will result in the BQMSL taking the repair costs from the team's performance bond.

9.27            If a referee fails to appear, the game will be re-scheduled and a complaint will be submitted to the SOSA by the BQMSL.

9.28            Each team must have their player registration forms (player books being the standard player's picture and signature approved by the BQMS L registrar) at every game, subject to the following:

a.              One representative from each team shall inspect the player registration forms of the players on the opposing team. It shall be the responsibility of the Team representative to notify the referee of any discrepancy prior to the game. The referee shall record such discrepancies in his/her report but will not take any further action.

b.             In extenuating circumstances where the player registration forms are not present at the start of the game, the player registration forms shall be checked at any time prior to the beginning of the second half. In such cases, it shall be the responsibility of the opposing team representative to notify the referee of any discrepancy immediately after the player registration forms have been checked, and the referee shall record such discrepancy in his/her report.

c.              A player whose name is included on the team's game sheet, but is not present when the player registration forms are checked by the opposing team representative, shall not play in the game until his player registration form has been checked by the opposing team representative. In such cases, it shall be the responsibility of the opposing team representative to notify the referee of any discrepancy immediately after the player registration forms have been checked, and the referee shall record such discrepancy in his/her report.

d.             When a team representative has reported a player eligibility discrepancy to the referee, the referee shall have the player clearly write his name, date of birth, and signature on the reverse side of the game sheet.

9.29            No team may dress more than twenty (20) players for one game.

9.30            In the event of a defaulting game, the defaulting team shall pay all expenses, including the game official fees. A default in cup completion shall result in the elimination of that team.

9.31            The Executive may fine teams for failure to attend general meeting, according to Schedule of Fees and Fines as set out by the Executive at start of season.

9.32            In the event of withdrawal of a team before the end of the season, when the first half of the schedule has been completed, only those games played in the second half will be struck; otherwise all records will be struck.

9.33            Game officials are expected to follow the OSA Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Referees. No match official may be related (relative, inlaw, etc.) to a player/manager/coach/trainer of the team participating in the subject match. No official may be a member of, or somehow affiliated with, a participating team, or that teams club. Notwithstanding the above, permission for exemption may be sought via written request to the Executive, who shall reply in writing. A copy of such written special permission must be available by the official, upon verbal request for teams to review in applicable situations prior to kick off.


Cup and Tournament games


9.34            The BQMSL may annually hold Tournament and/or Cup Competitions one of which will be called the Joe Iasenza Memorial Trophy Cup.

9.34(a)   If a tie break is required at the end of Tournament or Cup Competition round robin play, then refer to 9.15 tie breaking rule.

9.35             The League Tournament Competitions will be open to all teams and shall be based on a random draw to be held prior to the start of the season in the presence of at least one (1) representative or team member from each division

9.35(a)   The League Cup competition will be held within each division and the draw will be based on final Division standings from the previous year.

9.36            No transferred player shall be deemed eligible for Tournament or Cup Competition unless he has been properly transferred in accordance with the published rules of the League not less than seven (7) days before participation in the Tournament or Cup Competition.

9.37            The Executive, upon preparation of the schedule, will determine regulation game time for the Tournament and Cup Competitions.

9.38            All knockout round games in Tournament and Cup Competitions shall conclude with a winner. For example: Semi-finals and Finals or if the format is based on a double elimination vice the standard round robin.

9.39            If, in a Tournament or Cup Competition semi-Final or Final game, there is a draw after the stipulated regulation time, the tie breaking procedure will be two 10 min halves with Golden goal and if still tied after extra time then straight to FIFA penalty kicks.

9.40            A player may not play for more than one team in Tournament or Cup Competition. Any player who does so will be considered ineligible, and any team using an ineligible player will forfeit the game by a 3 to 0 score.

9.41            The League may make a provision to hold a Cup Competition by arranging games according to the position in the league standings that each team has achieved. This may vary from year to year.

9.42            The Executive reserves the right to determine the Tournament and Cup format prior to the start of the season.


Rule 10 Fees and Fines: General


10.1            A fine set out in the schedule of fees and fines shall be levied against teams for infractions agreed upon by the team representatives prior to each playing season.

10.2            All fines are to be paid to the BQMSL as per Rule 10.2. All fees associated with a suspension must be paid prior to the player returning to the field. All team fines are due in a timely fashion from the time levied or they will be deducted from the team's performance bond, in which case the bond must be reimbursed not fewer than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the team's next game. Failure to do so will result in a 3 to 0 loss of that game and suspension from play in all BQMSL competition until the bond has been reimbursed. All player fines are due in a timely fashion and if not paid, the player will be consider in bad standing, therefore eliminating his ability to register for future indoor or outdoor sessions.


Schedule of Fees and Fines


10.3            Failure to furnish corner flags of a minimum height of five (5) feet - Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) for each instance.

10.4            Failure of a team to furnish a printed Game sheet from the BQMSL website – One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for each instance.

10.5            Failure to return BQMSL trophies by July 15th- One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00).

10.6            Failure to report game results within 48 hrs of game completion date - Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) for each instance.

10.7            Failure to provide player registration books at a game - Twenty Dollars ($20.00) for each instance.

10.8           Failure to have a Team Representative attend the Annual General Meeting - Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

10.9            Failure to have a Team Representative attend a League Meeting - Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00)

10.10         Forfeiture of any scheduled game - One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00)

10.11          Intentionally playing an ineligible player - One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00).

10.12         Discipline Hearing Administration Fee - Twenty Dollars ($20.00).

10.13         Transfer Fee - Twenty-five Dollars ( $ 25.00)

10.14         Request for Discipline Hearing Fee - Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

10.15        Any card that is received for dissent will result in a $25 fine payable to the BQMSL treasurer.

10.16        The League shall pass on any fines or fees imposed upon it by SOSA or the OSA to the team or individual that caused those fines or fees.

10.17        The league imposed fine and suspension structure.

Cards Accumulated

Suspension and Fines

1 Yellow


2 Yellow


3 Yellow

$0 + 1 game suspension

1 Red

$0 + league warning + suspension of offence

2 Red

$100 + suspension of offence

3 Red

$200 + suspension of offence

4 Red

$500 + suspension of offence

4 Yellow


5 Yellow

$75 + suspension of offence

6 Yellow



Rule 11 - Consumption of alcohol.


11.1            No team shall be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages (including but not limited to beer) at or near the soccer fields. These facilities are public facilities made available for the use of the league with the understanding that the privilege of their use will be respected.


Rule 12 - Other Regulations


12.1            The Executive may add to these Rules and Regulations as required to ensure that all members are treated fairly and consistently, and to uphold the standards of the League.


Revised and approved Sept 26th , 2015

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