Corona Division 1

2Brighton Orange14100440172330
3RO Azzurri148242618826
5Trenton Sockers144281931-1214
6Quinte Old Boys143471928-913
7Consecon FC14239928-199
8A&E Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd.14149926-177

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1Logan LINDSAYFury13
2Michael FERRANTEBrighton Orange10
3Akshit PREENZATrenton Sockers7
4Chris FORANFury7
5Andrew NORTONFury6
6Andrew COPEGOG RO Azzurri6
7Grant COLEHellenics6
8Keith COUPERUSBrighton Orange6
9Adam RIVERSFury5
10Alexander ODIKEQuinte Old Boys5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jean-Francois LABONTEFury7
2Austen SCHMOLLBrighton Orange6
3Justin BRYANTHellenics4
4Logan MCCRUMRO Azzurri4
5Mason CONLEYTrenton Sockers4
6Neil WHITAKERQuinte Old Boys4
7Dart STEEVESRO Azzurri3
8Ryley KEHOEA&E Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd.3
9Bryson GUENETTEConsecon FC2
10Phill FERNANDESHellenics1
11Tyler VAN UDEN Hellenics1

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Masters Cup
YounesPreSockers OFC
Royals3 - 2 Hellenics 3.
Olympians1 - 2 Motion

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