Labatt 50 Masters

1Younes Dentistry1210204293332
2BFC Royals1271443301322
3Trenton Sockers OFC1261532171519
4Olympians SC126062722518
5Hellenics 3.5125343132-118
6Motion Specialties123182439-1510
7Napanee MFC1210111767-503

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1Justin SOMERVILLEBFC Royals16
2Raed YOUNESYounes Dentistry15
3Trevor BARDELLHellenics 3.510
6Bill COLTMANTrenton Sockers OFC7
7Brian DUNKLEYYounes Dentistry7
8Carlos ROMANIDISHellenics 3.57
9Garry PEARSONMotion Specialties7
10Chris FORANBFC Royals5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Gary MACKAY Younes Dentistry3
2Renato CITRULLOBFC Royals3
3Neil WHITAKERYounes Dentistry2
4Alain KECHICHIANYounes Dentistry1
5Connor DURKINTrenton Sockers OFC1
6Mark ENGELAGETrenton Sockers OFC1
7TONY HAKEROlympians SC1

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Bud Light Division 2
Blazers4 - 2 Colborne Men
Campbellford1 - 0 Elite FC
Bloomfield1 - 8 Consecon

Corona Division 1
RO Azzuri1 - 2 Fury
A&E Ceramics2 - 0 Old Boys
Sockers5 - 0 Astra
Hellenics1 - 1 Brighton

Labatt 50 Masters
Olympians1 - 4 Motion
Younes4 - 1 Royals
Sockers OFC1 - 2 Hellenics 3.


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