Bud Light Division 2

1Consecon FC109104363728
2Belleville Blazers1071236162022
3Colborne Mens SC104242620614
6Elite FC101181644-284

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1Alex LAWRIEBelleville Blazers14
2Kevin VANDERLEEUWConsecon FC14
3Beau TOLLSBelleville Blazers9
4Alex FOSTERColborne Mens SC8
5Byron KONINGConsecon FC7
6Greg PRINZENConsecon FC5
7Jordan GRAHAMBloomfield5
8Brandon MERRIAMColborne Mens SC4
9Bryan COUPERUSConsecon FC4
10Chris GONCALVESColborne Mens SC4

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jeff CARSWELLConsecon FC7
2Josh BURELLEBelleville Blazers4
3Damian MCGEECampbellford3
4Matthew GALLOColborne Mens SC2
5Dane ELLISCampbellford1

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Bud Light Division 2
Blazers4 - 2 Colborne Men
Campbellford1 - 0 Elite FC
Bloomfield1 - 8 Consecon

Corona Division 1
RO Azzuri1 - 2 Fury
A&E Ceramics2 - 0 Old Boys
Sockers5 - 0 Astra
Hellenics1 - 1 Brighton

Labatt 50 Masters
Olympians1 - 4 Motion
Younes4 - 1 Royals
Sockers OFC1 - 2 Hellenics 3.


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