Bud Light Division 2

1Belleville Blazers13130057124539
2Colborne FC1381440291125
4Peter Smith Chevrolet FC105231713417
5Carpet One134273550-1514
6Elite FC144193253-2113
8Astra United FC1330101333-209

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Andrew WORKMANCampbellford23
2Alex LAWRIEBelleville Blazers15
3Dale SOLFColborne FC15
4Beau TOLLSBelleville Blazers11
5Myles HUNTERCarpet One11
6Dan CITRULLOCarpet One9
7Mark FISHERCampbellford8
8Jesse GALLANTElite FC7
9Jordan GRAHAM Bloomfield7
10Themistocles MANGINASBelleville Blazers7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Christian LACHAPELLECampbellford7
2Josh BURELLEBelleville Blazers7
3David TUSHINGHAMColborne FC3
4Kaelan FRASERPeter Smith Chevrolet FC2
5Kai MEHRKENSCarpet One2
6Darian MAYERBloomfield1
7Devon MAYERBloomfield1
8William KENEFORDPeter Smith Chevrolet FC1

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Masters Cup
YounesPreSockers OFC
Royals3 - 2 Hellenics 3.
Olympians1 - 2 Motion

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